Get to know the team at Canyon Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics! For a comfortable and welcoming experience, you're in the right place. General dentistry is the foundation of our practice; our goal is to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime. Dental cleaning appointments are essential to maintaining healthy dental hygiene. As needed, our dentists may treat failing teeth with dental crowns, dental fillings, or other restorations. Canyon Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics is also known for our excellent specialty program! We offer family orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery. Learn more about braces with our orthodontist. Our endodontist provides root canal therapy, also called a root canal specialist. Periodontists perform gum disease treatment as well as dental implant options. Finally, we have an oral surgeon who does dental surgeries, including wisdom teeth extractions. You can find it all in one place here at Canyon Modern Dentistry and Orthodontics!